Leadership in Action

Kristie’s Plan

Government is failing us. People want common sense policies that reduce their cost of living, solve for the homelessness crisis and they want to feel safe in their neighborhoods and communities. Children are being deprived of the opportunity to succeed because of failing schools. I am running for California State Assembly District 76 because I want to give our families a brighter future.


Reduce Cost of Living

The cost of living in California is 40% higher than the national average and it’s growing. High housing, energy, and food costs on top of high tax rates, are driving Californians to leave the state in record numbers. Our hard-working families cannot afford for this to continue. I successfully returned $1.6 million to ratepayers as an elected Director of Olivenhain Municipal Water District and will do the same in Sacramento. I am fiscally conservative and will fight to eliminate wasteful spending and reduce our tax burden. I will protect you from increasing property taxes by protecting Proposition 13 and fighting against new fees and taxes coming out of Sacramento.

“I am endorsed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.” -Kristie Bruce-Lane

Solving Homelessness

California is home to 30% of our nations homeless and San Diego County homeless population grew by 22% from one year ago. The challenge of homelessness is growing, and San Diego and Sacramento politicians have failed with their “Housing First” policies. As a community leader in supporting homeless children, I understand the complexities and root causes of homelessness. I support the enforcement of our laws and will work to address and treat addiction/substance abuse, mental health, and poverty in our communities.

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Keep Our Communities Safe

The rise in crime, especially violent crimes, across the country is alarming. While San Diego County reports lower crime rates than Los Angeles, our residents, our neighborhoods, our businesses are less safe because of soft-on-crime policies. I successfully fought on the frontlines to keep Sexually Violent Predators away from our children and out of our communities and I will fight for your safety in Sacramento. I support prevention programs for our at-risk youth as well rehabilitation programs for those re-entering our communities.

“My work on keeping our communities safe are recognized by law enforcement and crime survivors, having received the endorsement of the San Diego County Deputy Sheriff’s Association, California Correctional Peace Officers Association and CrimeSurvivors PAC.” -Kristie Bruce-Lane


Restoring Excellence in Education

California public schools are near the bottom of the list in the country on education success. Fifty-nine percent of all third-grade students in San Diego County do not meet reading and writing requirements and for students of color, the percentages are higher. This happens while California’s educational bureaucracy and Sacramento politicians focus on placing blame and not educating our children. Having worked for over a decade helping at-risk youth in our education system, I will work to bring academic success to our public schools. Additionally, I support vocational education programs, giving our students options and improving the skills shortage our communities lack. I am supported in my efforts by Equal Rights For All PAC and San Diego Asian Americans for Equality.

“Being able to read is a basic human right. Illiteracy is the pipeline to drugs, alcohol, crime and homelessness.” -Kristie Bruce-Lane


Our region suffers from drought and wildfires that are worsening every year. As a leader in resource conservation and as a former elected Director of the Olivenhain Municipal Water District, I am focused on innovation that combats climate change and protects our Earth for the next generation. I governed the Elfin Forest Reserve within my district in which I protected the waterways that were vital to the surrounding environment. I will continue to advocate for policies that prioritize diversified renewable energy, investment in sustainable infrastructure, long-term water capture and storage capacity, and conservation to lead California’s transition towards a sustainable and more resilient future. I regularly participate in I Love a Clean San Diego annual community clean up day.

Saving A Generation—Fentanyl Crisis

Fentanyl is now the leading cause of death 18- to 45-year-olds in the United States. It is a growing epidemic with this and other drugs pouring over our borders daily. While our young die at increasing rates, the Sacramento politicians deflect and defer real actions to stem the deadly tide. A public declaration of “A War On Fentanyl” is the first step–we need bold, comprehensive action now, not later. Holding drug dealers accountable for distribution, with the highest penalties reserved for those that result in death, in addition to greater public resources and education on this poison is necessary today. Like many other families that are devastated by the loss of a loved one, I have lost family members to this deadly drug. I will prioritize my efforts in Sacramento to address this epidemic before it is too late.